Custom websites starting at $999

Internet business is growing by leaps and bounds, and that's about the only market that is. More and more people prefer to search online for products and services over jumping in their cars only to be disappointed when they reach their destination. If you want to augment your business with a website, FirstOfftheMark can develop an affordable website to meet your goals. If you have a website and want to upgrade its capability, we can do that too. We also offer to develop and maintain online marketing campaigns for an additional fee.

Website Development

FirstOfftheMark will work with you to develop a website to meet your goals. FirstOfftheMark develops all websites from scratch. Unlike most developers, we have no templates, but if you want a website for a lower price, we'll be happy to give you a quote for building your website from an existing template.

Free consultation

FirstOfftheMark will meet with you to understand your goals and what type of website you need. We will also determine what content will be developed by FirstOfftheMark and what content will be provided by you.

Search engine optimization

To make your website visible on the web, your website must be optimized for the search engines. FirstOfftheMark will discuss your target market with you and develop search engine optimizations to reach that market.

Develop content for target market

In order to be most effective, the content of a website must be optimized for the target audience as well as the search engines. It doesn't do any good to bring a person to your website only to have them turn away without contacting you. Much content can be developed by FirstOfftheMark by examining top websites in your target market and using that information as a starting point, but the important information differentiating your business from your competitors must be provided by you.

Develop the look of your website

FirstOfftheMark will then develop the look and feel of the website to attract members of your target audience, but in internet marketing, content is king. Flashy, complex and poorly organized websites distract potential customers from your content and reduce the business you can bring in off the internet. Potential customers must be able to easily access the specific information they want in order for a website to be most successful.

Final edits

After the design work is completed, FirstOfftheMark will present you with the completed website for review. It's a virtual certainty you will want to make some changes before the website is published, and FirstOfftheMark will make those changes.

Publish website

Finally, FirstOfftheMark will turn the code for the website over to you to publish, or we will publish it on your behalf if that is our agreement.

Website Marketing

No matter how well your website is optimized for the search engines, if your business is in an established market, it will take months or longer to climb high enough in the search rankings to bring in significant business from searching alone. If you don't want to wait that long to bring potential customers to your website, FirstOfftheMark offers website marketing services using Google Adwords, Yahoo Sponsored Search and/or Microsoft adCenter to bring potential customers to your website right away.

Identify keywords

Based on the information we learn from you about your market, FirstOfftheMark will identify specific keywords, specific phrases potential customers search for in search engines, for your advertising campaign.

Write ads

FirstOfftheMark will write text ads designed to draw people from your target market to your website. If you choose, we can also develop graphic ads.

Publish and maintain campaign

Finally, FirstOfftheMark will publish and maintain your campaign to insure a steady flow of potential customers to your website.

Other Advertising

Using online tools, FirstOfftheMark also offers low cost options for newspaper, radio and TV ad campaigns.

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